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King John Penny

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King John – a reign of huge historical significance

Without doubt, history best remembers the reign of King John due to his acceptance of Magna Carta in 1215 at Runnymede. The charter was imposed upon him by his barons to quelle unrest. It established the principle that everyone, including the monarch, would be subject to the rule of law and would prove to be a cornerstone to not just our legal framework, but also for democratic nations throughout the world.

Magna Carta would change the rule of law of the English nation forever and as a result, secure the historical significance of John’s reign forever.

It is this significant history that makes all of the coinage of the reign of King John so important and means that your opportunity today to own a genuine Silver Penny from his reign is special. This is especially the case when you consider the life of these particular coins - where have they been over the last 800 years and who has held or owned them over the years?

Only 30 pieces available to own

Consider too the rarity of these pieces. Usually when recommending an issue, it tends to be an example of the very best modern releases, which is limited due to their finish and presentation. In regards to the King John Silver Penny however the restricted nature of the coin is due purely to the fact that the coins are over 800 years old with King John reigning between 1199 and 1216 – and because of this, they are understandably extremely difficult to obtain.

It is with that firmly in mind that it has taken nearly 12 months to be able to build up a stock large enough to be able to offer today.  We now have just 30 of these coins to offer.

Magnificent example of hammered coinage

What makes the King John Silver Penny even more impressive is that it is a fine example of an early 13th Century hammered coin – a fact that only enhances the demand for this piece. With none of today’s sophisticated minting techniques at their disposal, the master craftsmen of King John’s reign would have individually struck each coin by hand, making each one truly unique. Indeed, no two hammered coins are ever identical.

But with just 30 examples of the unique King John Silver Pennies available to own, you need to reply today to avoid missing out on this great opportunity.

Key Issue Information:

  • A genuine Silver Penny from the reign of King John – a real piece of English history
  • Struck in silver between 1199 and 1216, this example of hammered coinage is over 800 years old
  • King John reigned for 17 years and is most remembered to this day as the monarch who agreed Magna Carta, seen as a cornerstone of British law and a control on the absolute power of the monarchy
  • Just 30 coins – each one a unique piece of history - have been sourced to be able to offer Harrington & Byrne priority collectors
  • Comes housed in Presentation Case with official Certificate of Authenticity

Metal: Solid Silver

Years of reign: 1199-1216

Diameter: 18mm approx

Finish: Hammered

Obverse: King John

Reverse: Short cross

Country of issue: England


Delivery via Royal Mail

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

Delivery available throughout the United Kingdom




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