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King Charles I Silver Shilling

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Dating back to the time of the Civil War – just 35 Charles I Silver Shillings available

Own an extraordinary coin that dates back to one of the most turbulent periods in the history of our nation.  England was ripped apart by Civil War, the king himself was executed for high treason and the Royal Family was abolished.

Unearthed as part as a Civil War hoard?

With England in such a state of turmoil, it’s amazing that any Charles I Silver Shillings have survived at all!  Struck in Sterling Silver and in circulation between 1625 and 1649, this historic silver piece is normally only ever found in museums or national heritage sites. According to historians, during the Civil War, soldiers buried their treasure before going into battle.  Incredibly, the small number of Charles I Silver Shillings available from Harrington & Byrne - just 35 at the last count – may have laid undiscovered for over 350 years.

That is the beauty with hammered coins in general from centuries ago. Where have they been stored over the years since they were minted? Who has held them in their hands – both when they were originally produced and since?

It’s for these fascinating reasons why on the rare occasions when Harrington & Byrne is in a position to offer our collectors the chance to own these type of historic pieces, they tend to be our most oversubscribed offers. And it will be no different with the Charles I Silver Shilling, especially as we only have 35 to offer today.

Turbulent reign that changed the nation forever

Born in 1600 into the House of Stuart, Charles I was the second son of James VI of Scotland and became heir to the throne following the death of his brother Prince Henry in 1612. 

Shortly into his reign, Charles’s attempts to assert his absolute authority as king led to a bitter dispute with Parliament. The English Civil War between Oliver Cromwell’s ‘Roundheads’ and Charles I’s ‘Cavaliers’ would dominate his entire reign. It was a battle that would eventually lead to the monarch’s downfall. On 26th January 1649, for the first time ever in 1,000 years of Royal history, a sentence of death was passed on the king of England.

Magnificent example of hammered coinage

What makes the Charles I Silver Shilling even more impressive is that it is a fine example of 17th Century hammered coin – and his was the final reign before the introduction of modern milled production of the coinage of the nation. With none of today’s sophisticated minting techniques at their disposal, the master craftsmen of Charles I’s reign would have individually struck each coin by hand, making each one truly unique. Indeed, no two hammered coins are ever identical.

But with just 35 examples of the unique Charles I Silver Shillings available to own, a prompt response is essential.  Click on the link below.

Key Issue Information:

  • A genuine Silver Shilling from the reign of King Charles I – a real piece of history
  • Struck in silver during the mid-17th Century, this example of hammered coinage is around 350 years old
  • The coin was struck during the English Civil War, which resulted in the execution of King Charles I – the only time a British monarch has been executed
  • Just 35 coins – each one a unique piece of history - have been sourced to be able to offer Harrington & Byrne priority collectors
  • Housed together in one Deluxe Presentation Case with Certificate

Metal: Solid Silver

Years of mintage: 1625-1649

Diameter: 30mm approx

Finish: Hammered

Obverse: King Charles I

Reverse: Royal Arms

Country of issue: England


Delivery via Royal Mail

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

Delivery available throughout the United Kingdom


Availability: In stock

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