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2023 United Kingdom Petition Crown Two Ounce Silver Proof Pair

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A Royal Tribute: Unravelling the Significance of the Original Petition Crown

Allow me to take you on a captivating journey back in time to the heart of the 17th century, where a masterpiece of numismatic artistry was born – the original Petition Crown. Designed by the renowned engraver Thomas Simon, this coin carries with it a rich history and holds a prestigious place in the annals of British coinage.

In 1663, Thomas Simon produced the Petition Crown during the reign of Charles II to regain favour, after John Roettier, a Dutch engraver, was brought over to produce coinage designs. Simon created the Petition Crown to showcase his technical and artistic ability. Despite his efforts, Simon was unsuccessful, and the Petition Crown was never formally issued, making it extremely rare to own the original coin.

Introducing the 2023 Greatest Engravers Petition Crown 2oz Silver Proof Two-Coin Set

Although the petition was ultimately unsuccessful, this exceptional coin became a symbol of artistic brilliance and a lasting tribute to the monarchy of that era. Today, its rarity and historical significance make it a highly sought-after piece among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

We are delighted to present an extraordinary tribute to this iconic coin that has been released by the Royal Mint as part of the hugely successful Engravers Series – the 2023 Greatest Engravers Petition Crown 2oz Silver Proof Two-Coin Set. Limited to an edition of only 3,250 pairs worldwide by the Royal Mint, this treasure is a remarkable testament to craftsmanship and heritage and brings together two coins celebrating the reverse and obverse of this iconic numismatic piece.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Meticulously Replicated Raised Edge Lettering

One of the key features that make this set truly exceptional is the double-banded raised edge lettering, expertly replicated using modern technology. The intricate design pays homage to the original Petition Crown, capturing its essence and allure in breathtaking detail. Both coins crucially carry the all-important edge inscription that lends the coin its name:


Each coin has been struck with utmost precision and dedication, ensuring every aspect of the historic masterpiece is faithfully represented.

A Regal Portrait: King Charles II in Stunning Detail

The obverse of each coin showcases the official portrait of King Charles III, masterfully created by the acclaimed artist Martin Jennings. Capturing the essence of royalty with unrivalled finesse, the portrait adds an air of majesty and splendour to this extraordinary set.

Quartered Arms Design: A Historic Emblem of Power

The reverse of one coin from the two-coin set boasts the quartered arms design, symbolising the authority and influence of the monarchy during that era. This powerful emblem serves as a constant reminder of the coin’s historical significance and its esteemed place in numismatic history.

The Majestic King Charles II Portrait

The reverse design of the second coin features a majestic portrait of King Charles II. With unrivalled attention to detail, the coin captures the very essence of the king’s regal presence. The finely engraved lines and intricate features bring forth his commanding gaze, reflecting the strength and wisdom that defined his reign. This remarkable portrayal pays homage to the historical significance of King Charles II, making the coin a true masterpiece and a cherished tribute to British history and numismatic artistry.

Peerless Proof Finish: A Testament to Quality

Crafted from 999/1000 fine silver and struck to a peerless proof finish, both coins in this set exemplifies quality and precision. The gleaming surface reflects the attention to detail invested in every stage of production, resulting in coins that stand as true works of art.

Act Now – Limited Stock Available

As we celebrate this exceptional numismatic creation, it is with great excitement and anticipation that we bring this rare gem to you. However, due to the limited edition of only 3,250 sets worldwide, we urge you not to miss this extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of history and elegance.

Order Your Set Today

Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers. Secure your 2023 Greatest Engravers Petition Crown 2oz Silver Proof Two-Coin Set now and embrace the timeless beauty of these historically significant coins.

Key Issue Information:

  • New coin pair for 2023 issued by The Royal Mint to commemorate engraver Thomas Simon’s famous Petition Crown as the next issue of the ‘Great Engravers’ coin series
  • Features two new official UK coins, each struck in two full ounces of 999/1000 Fine Silver to the finest Proof finish
  • Includes the designs from Simon’s 1663 masterpiece – but most importantly, the engraver’s original appeal to the King around the edges that lends the coin its name
  •  Low edition limit of just 3,250 sets worldwide – limited availability at Harrington & Byrne and high demand expected
  • Complete with official Royal Mint Presentation Case and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Metal: 999/1000 Fine Silver

Year of issue: 2023

Edition Limit: 3,250

Diameters: 40.60mm

Weights: 62.82g

Finish: Proof

Obverse: King Charles III

Reverse: King Charles II/Cruciform Crowned Shields

Country of issue: United Kingdom


Delivery via Royal Mail

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

Delivery available throughout the United Kingdom




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