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2018 South Africa Quarter Ounce Proof Gold Krugerrand

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The iconic Gold Krugerrand – why the 2018 edition is a must-have for any collector

Ever since the first issue was released in 1967, the South African Krugerrand has been one of the most in-demand annual gold coins in the world. That still remains the case to this very day – and means that for many collectors it is an essential addition to their collections each year.

Surprising decision made for 2018

With that in mind the South Africa Mint has made what appears to be an extremely curious decision in 2018. The decision has been made to slash the edition limit for the 2018 Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Krugerrand by 60% – and now means that up to 3,000 collectors who have secured the 2017 coin will miss out on the new issue.

In previous years proof Krugerrand pieces have proved extremely popular and as a consequence have had a strong sell-out tradition. The edition limit for 2018 South Africa Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Krugerrand of just 2,000 pieces is therefore sure to lead to much disappointment and also means that demand is sure to be greater than ever.

To put that 2,000 edition limit into further context, as well as being 2 and a half times smaller than the edition limit in 2017, this mintage is over 5 times smaller than the latest 2018 UK Proof Sovereign issue – which sold out within weeks of release. As a result, I have taken the early decision to secure an allocation to offer to our very best customers.

Annual collector and investor favourite

The Krugerrand has remained an iconic piece ever since it was launched in 1967. Originally only available as an ounce-sized coin, by 1980 the Krugerrand accounted for 90% of the gold coin market – which led the South Africa Mint to broaden the range of coins to fractional pieces, to widen the opportunity to own Krugerrands. Ever since, the Quarter Ounce version of the coin has been a favourite with collectors and investors worldwide.

Struck in 22 Carat Gold to an impressive proof finish, the 2018 Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Krugerrand is housed within official South Africa Mint Presentation Case with numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Like all Krugerrand coins since the very first, the new-year release features the iconic Springbok design, together with the portrait of Paul Kruger on the obverse.

How to order your coin

But it is the significant 60% reduction in mintage in 2018 that makes this year’s Quarter Ounce Gold Proof coin such an essential piece for all. With a limited allocation for the 2018 South Africa Mint Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Krugerrand, demand from Harrington & Byrne collectors will be huge, order today.

Key Issue Information:

  • The South African Krugerrand - the most iconic annual gold coin in the world
  • Quarter Ounce piece is struck in 22 Carat Gold to a peerless proof finish
  • Limited to just 2,000 pieces – mintage is 60% smaller than edition limit in 2017, meaning a rapid sell out is expected
  • Features classic Springbok and Paul Kruger designs that have graced all Krugerrand issues since the first in 1967
  • Comes housed within official South Africa Mint Presentation Case with numbered Certificate

Metal: 22 Carat Gold

Year of issue: 2018

Edition Limit: 2,000

Diameter: 22mm

Weight: 8.48g

Finish: Proof

Obverse: Paul Kruger

Reverse: Springbok Design

Country of issue: South Africa


Delivery via Royal Mail

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

Delivery available throughout the United Kingdom


Availability: In stock

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