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1914 & 1918 World War One Gold Sovereign Pair

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A unique sovereign opportunity – the perfect commemoration to mark the centenary of the end of The Great War

In 2018 we mark the centenary of the end of World War One.  At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 the gunfire finally ceased. This brought to an end over 4 years of fighting that had accounted for over 17 million military and civilian lives.

Centenary commemorations in 2018

The centenary anniversary of the end of World War One will rightly lead to countless tributes and

Ceremonies will be held, whilst commemorative pieces are planned. Indeed, in the world of numismatics international mints across the world have been marking The Great War since 2014 and will be releasing coins later in the year to commemorate the Centenary of the end to the fighting. But perhaps the most apt commemorative piece remains the Gold Sovereign.

It is with that in mind that Harrington & Byrne is pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to own a Sovereign from the all-important 1918 anniversary year, paired alongside a 1914 coin, from the year that the conflict began.

The Sovereign and World War One

The role of the Gold Sovereign changed forever as a result of World War One. Prior to the outbreak of World War One the Sovereign was struck for circulation and was in common use as currency across the whole Empire (and beyond). Indeed, during the reign of Queen Victoria, less than 20 years before the war, the coin was legal tender in over 30 countries and territories around the world.

With war came the need to prioritise resources. Very quickly the Sovereign was removed from circulation and replaced by banknotes by the treasury. Never again would the Sovereign be used for normal circulation within the United Kingdom.

Despite this fact, the Sovereign continued to be struck throughout The Great War (and of course beyond) – in London initially, but most commonly at the branch mints of the Royal Mint across the Empire. Demand continued globally and the branch mints had access to gold, unlike London.

Indeed, due to the specific requirements within the British territories in Asia during the war, the government would even require the establishment of an additional branch mint in India to strike the sovereign – a requirement only needed for just one year (1918).

1914-1918 Gold Sovereign Pair

Therefore, due to the importance of the Sovereign and its direct links to the era, to mark the Centenary of the End of World War One we have been working hard to secure sovereigns from 1914 and 1918 to offer our collectors - spanning the length of The Great War.

With that in mind, I’m please to write with news that we now have 100 pairs of 1914 & 1918 Sovereigns to offer today – housed in a Presentation Case with Certificate of Authenticity. Both coins were struck by the Royal Mint in 22 Carat Gold and feature the iconic St George & the Dragon reverse design – alongside the portrait of King George V. This is a really special opportunity. 

To secure your 1914-1918 Gold Sovereign Pair click on the link below today.  Stock will not last long.

Key Issue Information:

  • Set of two original Royal Mint Gold Sovereigns – struck in the first and final years of World War One. The perfect commemoration release for the Centenary of The Great War
  • Both Gold Sovereigns were struck in 22 Carat Gold during reign of King George V
  • The Sovereign coins both feature the historic St George & the Dragon design by Benedetto Pistrucci – and are dated 1914 & 1918
  • Just 100 pairs of these highly significant gold sovereigns have been put together over the last two years
  • Housed in Deluxe Presentation Case with Certificate of Authenticity

Metal: 22 Carat Gold

Year of issue: 1914 & 1918

Country of issue: United Kingdom

Diameter: 22.05mm

Weight: 7.98g

Finish: Circulated

Obverse: King George V

Reverse: St George & the Dragon


Delivery via Royal Mail

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

Delivery available throughout the United Kingdom


Availability: In stock

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