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The Rise of Canadian Five Ounce Silver Coins

The Rise of Canadian Five Ounce Silver Coins

As the market for commemorative coins has matured over the last decade or so, significant advances in techniques and technology have been introduced to numismatic pieces. 

Indeed, before the turn of the century the most radical departure from the norm you would see on any coin would perhaps be the double-thickness production of a piedfort coin, which was first introduced to the range of British collectable coins in 1982 with the 20p UK Silver Piedfort Coin.

Now, more than 30 years on, more and more creative techniques have been introduced to numismatic pieces.  From the more commonplace, such as the addition of gold or silver plating, to the more attention-grabbing like 3D finishes or Christmas Tree shaped coin. 

But there is perhaps one specification above all others that has become a firm favourite with collectors and investors across the whole world – and that is the 5 Ounce silver coin.

Now commonplace in the range of all of the major international mints, the 5 Ounce coin will almost always have a significantly greater diameter than a usual crown-size coin, which allows the craftsmanship of the design to be fully appreciated.  It is for this reason, combined with the substantial metal content and often low edition limits that have made them some of the most popular collector issues of the last decade.

The Royal Canadian Mint has been at the forefront of this success story.  In 2013 alone the mint recorded 5 sell-out pieces for the 5 Ounce Silver specification.  The flagship coin from them has become the 5-Ounce Silver Maple Leaf, which over recent years has become a regular sell out issue.  Indeed, during 2013 both coins released to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Silver Maple Leaf sold out.

With that in mind Harrington & Byrne is pleased to be able to offer our collectors the opportunity to still own the 2014 edition of the 5 Ounce Silver Maple Leaf.   With just 20 coins secured however, we expect stock to be gone soon – click here to discover more 

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