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The Attraction of UK and International Precious Metal Coins

The Attraction of UK and International Precious Metal Coins

The attraction of precious metal coins has grown significantly in recent years, resulting in international mints reporting unprecedented demand.  This increase in demand can be attributed to a number of factors – such as the flight to the safe haven of gold since the banking crisis and the sharp rise in numismatic interest from the growing economies of Asia.

This has meant that many of the most popular numismatic issues are selling out more quickly than ever before.  Gold pieces have tended to take much of the limelight, with annual releases such as the US Gold Eagle and Australia Kangaroo selling out year after year.  However, silver has proved just as popular, with UK coins like the Prince George selling out within weeks - despite high edition limits.

The increased frequency of precious metal sell-outs has fed the escalation in demand with more and more collectors (and indeed investors) not wanting to miss out on the most important limited edition pieces. 

Whilst British coins historically have had a strong sell-out record, this has been less of the case in recent years and it has been pieces from other international mints such as the Perth Mint and US Mint that have seen most success.  In addition, pieces from other parts of the British Isles and Commonwealth, which tend to be issued with far smaller mintages, continue to prove extremely popular with collectors.

But it is not just the mintage in isolation that attracts collectors to particular pieces.  The popularity of an issue is influenced by other factors too – such as the strength of theme.  Indeed the UK market has benefited in recent years from events such as the Diamond Jubilee and London 2012 generating significant interest – and this is set to continue into 2015 with the Queen due in September to become our longest reigning monarch.

A final note of caution.  With the rapid expansion of the market has come an increase in supply also, which has made it more and more difficult for collectors to be able to identify the very best releases on the market.  It also means that there is the greater likelihood of missing out on the most important issues.  

Harrington & Byrne works hard to make sure that our customers however, don't miss out and at least have the chance to know about all the very best issues before it is too late. 

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