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Huge Success Reported for Canadian Precious Metal Coins

Huge Success Reported for Canadian Precious Metal Coins

It was with a considerable amount of excitement that the Royal Canadian Mint recently announced the release of the new Silver Maple Leaf Set for 2015.  One of the most eagerly awaited releases of the year, the collection has played its part in one of the biggest success stories of the global numismatic market in recent years...

Precious metal releases from Canada have in recent years become some of the most sought after issues on the market.  And it is not surprising to see why.  In 2013 alone it was reported that over 30% of all gold and silver issues from the mint sold out.  In comparison, only a fraction of this figure sold out at the British Royal Mint.

The interest in Canadian coins has been fuelled in part due to the phenomenal success of the $20 silver coin programme, which until this year consistently saw all releases sell out of 6-figure mintages in a matter of weeks.  This has led to a rapid expansion in the number of Canadian coin collectors since 2011 – both domestic and international – and has meant there is now significantly more demand within the market.

With that in mind, the release of the 2015 Silver Maple Leaf Set has become one of the key dates in the numismatic calendar.  This is underlined by the fact that in both 2013 and 2014 the set sold out rapidly.

With the same edition limit set in 2015 – just 9,999 sets have been made available – the expectation is that a sell out will come before the new year.  This will be helped by the fact that the coins within the set feature for the first time ever a breathtaking incuse finish.  To read more about the new collection please click here.


On the 28th October – less than a month after the official release of the 2015 Silver Maple Set – we received information that 75% of the mintage had already sold out.  Taking this into account, our expectation is that a sell out with by announced by end of November – earlier than ever.  You can still secure yours at Harrington & Byrne by clicking here – but only limited stocks remains. 

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