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The 2014 One Ounce Gold Proof Eagle - Declared a Sell Out

The 2014 One Ounce Gold Proof Eagle - Declared a Sell Out

Whilst gold has risen by over 400% since 2000, demand for gold coins has actually grown at an even faster rate.  For example, the one ounce Gold Eagle saw production increase 6-fold during the decade 2001-2011 (the last published figures).

In actual fact, since the correction in gold price in spring 2013, demand has actually risen further – with the mint having to temporarily suspend production of some of their fractional eagle coins in the aftermath of this correction.  This highlighted the fact that the trend for buying gold coins was not solely dependent on a rising gold price.

The US Gold Eagle coin range has perhaps been the greatest success story over this period.  At the same time as demand for bullion coins being so high the collector coins produced each year by the mint have proved equally popular with collectors and investors across the globe.

Indeed, over the last decade the US Eagle has cemented its place as being the most popular gold coin in the world.

For the collector proof coins - released with limited editions - this has meant annual sell outs for a number of years.  The 1 ounce and ¼ ounce coins in particular have regularly provided rapid sell outs for the mint.

For 2014 the 1 Ounce Gold Proof Eagle has already been declared a sell out and is no longer available to purchase – and the quarter ounce coin is expected to go the same way very soon.  The good news for Harrington & Byrne customers is that we have secured an allocation of this coin before a sell out is confirmed.

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