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United States Indian Head Gold Quarter Eagle

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Historic United States Gold Coin dating back to before the Wall Street Crash – featuring never-seen-before minting technique

When Theodore Roosevelt became US President in 1901 he took it upon himself to oversee personally many facets of national life – and one of the aspects he was most keen to put his stamp upon was the coinage of the country.   The US Eagle series of coins had not seen a change in design for more than 60 years and this was something Roosevelt wanted to rectify.

It was Bela Lyon Pratt who produced the designs which were to be used on the Quarter Gold Eagle (and half) which would be first issued in 1908.  Featuring an Indian brave in a war bonnet on the obverse and new eagle design on the reverse, what made his designs so unique was the previously unseen incuse finishes. 

Rather than struck with traditional relief, the designs were incused and sculpted into the coin surface.  This groundbreaking technique was at the time viewed with a certain amount of public suspicion – with one high profile coin dealer claiming it would lead to a multitude of problems including counterfeiting and even illness (maintaining the recessed area would become clogged and convey disease!).

Struck in 900/1000 Gold the Quarter Indian Head Eagle would continue to be struck by the US Mint up until 1929 when it became victim of the Wall Street Crash.  Like many US Gold Coins from the era, the majority have since been melted down over the intervening period – meaning the very best examples are more and more difficult to secure. But you have the opportunity to secure one of these significant issues for yourself today

Key Issue Information:

  • Struck by the US Mint, the Indian Head was the first new Quarter Eagle to be produced for more than 60 years when first issued in 1908
  • The final coin was minted 21 years later when production ceased permanently due to the Wall Street Crash
  • Minted in 900/1000 Gold, the coin (along with Half Eagle) was the first US Coin to be struck with an incuse, engraved finish
  • Historic US coin issue – demand for this essential piece always remains extremely high
  • Comes housed within Presentation Case with Certificate of Authenticity

Metal:  900/1000 Gold

Years of issue:  1908-1929

Country of Issue:  United States

Denomination:  $2.50

Weight:  4.18g

Diameter:  18mm

Finish:  Incuse

Obverse:  Indian brave in war bonnet

Reverse:  US Eagle


Delivery via Royal Mail Special Delivery

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

Delivery available throughout the United Kingdom


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