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United States Liberty Head $5 Gold

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Own probably the most famous US gold coin in history...

The United States Liberty Head Gold Half Eagle is widely regarded as one of the most famous in American history.  A coin too that would see its appearance change as a result of the most important episode in that nation’s history.

First struck over 175 years ago

It was in 1839 that the very first Liberty Head Gold Eagle coins were minted by the U.S. Mint – with the nation less than 70 years old and just as Queen Victoria had come to the throne in Great Britain. The coin replaced the earlier Classic Head Half Eagle design and was the work of Christian Gobrecht – who produced a far simpler design of Liberty to what had gone before and which was inspired by Greco-Roman artwork.

The design produced by Gobrecht would adorn the coin for a lifetime – featuring on the coin for nearly 70 years before it was finally replaced by the Indian Head design.  To put that into some further perspective, for most of the population of the country during the era the coin was in circulation, they would have only lived during the years that this coin was minted – and would not have seen any other type of Half Eagle.

A coin shaped by Civil War

Despite this fact, the coin’s appearance would be revised during this period, with perhaps the most significant change occurring in 1866 when the motto IN GOD WE TRUST was added. This amendment to the design of the Gold Half Eagle came after the conclusion of Civil War that had torn the nation apart and the subsequent assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Prior to Civil War as tensions in the country grew, there had already been a public clamour to express faith in the deity on the nations’ coinage. After receiving instructions from Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase, mint officials experimented with several mottos. After a succession of patterns in various metals and denominations were struck using mottos such as “God Our Trust” and “God And Our Country,” the adopted motto IN GOD WE TRUST was first placed upon the new two-cent piece of 1864.

When War ended, and recognising the depth of public sentiment over the suffering all had shared, Congress passed the Act of March 3, 1865, authorising the motto to appear “on all coins able to accommodate it.” This led to the change in the appearance of a number of coins, including the Gold Half Eagle.

Unique coin in US History

Like all US Gold Half Eagles struck before the Great Depression the Half Liberty Head was struck in a quarter ounce of 900/1000 Gold by the US Mint. Uniquely it holds the distinction of being the only coin of a single design to be minted at seven U.S. Mints.  To order this coin, simply click on the link below.

Key Issue Information:

  • Struck by the US Mint, the Liberty Head Half Eagle was issued throughout the second half of the 19th Century, up until 1908
  • Well over 100 years old, in total the coin was struck for 69 years – more than the average lifetime for the population of the nation of the time
  • Minted in 900/1000 Gold, the coin featured iconic designs of Liberty and the US Eagle
  • Historic US coin issue that was in circulation during the Civil War, which conclusion would lead to a change in appearance of the coin
  • Comes housed within Presentation Case with Certificate of

Metal:  900/1000 Gold

Years of issue:  1839-1908

Country of Issue:  United States

Denomination:  $5.00

Weight:  8.359g

Diameter:  21.6mm

Finish:  Circulated

Obverse:  Head of Liberty

Reverse:  Heraldic Eagle


Delivery via Royal Mail

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

Delivery available throughout the United Kingdom


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