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King George III Spade Guinea

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Historic precursor to the modern sovereign – the Gold Spade Guinea is an iconic piece of British numismatic history

Before the modern sovereign was introduced in 1817 the Guinea was the premier gold coin of Great Britain.  The very first Guinea coin was struck in 1663, in the restoration monarchy of Charles II.  It was the first ever English gold coin to be machine produced and would remain in production for further 150 years.  

The final circulating Guinea was first issued in 1787 and is the most renowned of all of the Guinea types.  The George III Spade Guinea was struck up until 1799 and like all Guineas before, was struck in 22 Carat Gold by the Royal Mint.  It would be the final Guinea struck for circulation within Great Britain and took its name from the pronounced shield design on the reverse.  

Understandably for a coin of this age and importance the Spade Guinea is only available in limited numbers now.  The final circulating example of a British gold coin with a 150 year heritage is always going to prove attractive to collectors and investors – and even more so when you consider the numbers that will have been melted down or hidden away in collections ever since the end of the 18th Century.  However, we have limited stock available for you to secure.  Call today to secure an example of this iconic gold coin for your collection.

Key Issue Information:

  • Iconic Gold Coin struck during the final years of the 18th Century in the long reign of King George III
  • The Guinea was a historic unit of currency, which was the direct precursor to the sovereign that we know today
  • The reign of King George III was the only reign which saw both the Guinea and the Sovereign struck
  • Minted by the Royal Mint in 22 Carat Gold over 200 years ago  
  • Comes housed in Presentation Case with Certificate of Authenticity

Metal:  22 Carat Gold

Year of issue:  1787-1799

Country of Issue:  United Kingdom

Diameter:  24mm

Weight:  8.4g

Finish: Circulated

Obverse:  King George III

Reverse:  Spade Shield


Delivery via Royal Mail Special Delivery

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

Delivery available throughout the United Kingdom


Availability: In stock

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