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2019 Australia Kangaroo Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Coin

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Australia’s Premier Limited Edition Gold Coin – Purer than the UK Proof Sovereign AND 19 times rarer in 2019

Whether it is the Krugerrand from South Africa, the Gold Eagle from the United States of America or indeed our very own Gold Sovereign from the United Kingdom – all of the major international mints have developed over time gold coins which are renowned throughout the world. And Australia is no different.

Much more of a collector secret here in the United Kingdom than the Sovereign or the Krugerrand, the Kangaroo Gold Coins are some of the most popular gold coins with collectors and investors especially internationally.

Minted in 24 Carat Gold

First and foremost, what makes the Australian Kangaroo coins stand out above its rivals is the purity. Unlike the Sovereign, Krugerrand or many other annual gold coins that are struck in 22 Carat Gold, the Australia Kangaroos are struck in pure 24 Carat Gold. This means that the metal content of the coins is over 8% purer than other major gold coins on the market.

Therefore, for the many collectors throughout the world who are looking to own the very purest gold coins, this has made the annual Kangaroo issues must-have pieces to own.

Limited Quarter Ounce Release

One of the most popular of all releases is the Quarter Ounce Proof Coin. However, with a mintage of just 500 coins worldwide many collectors were inevitably going to be left disappointed – and this has been underlined by the fact the coin is already no longer available at the Mint.

500 is a tiny mintage for any gold quarter ounce issue – especially one with such a firm following. Compare the edition limit as well to that of the UK Gold Proof Sovereign – which traditionally sells out - the mintage for the 2019 Kangaroo Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Coin is over 20 times smaller in 2019. This meant that it was inevitable that many would be left disappointed.

The good news for collectors at Harrington & Byrne is that as Official Distributors of the Perth Mint in Australia, we have been fortunate to be able to secure an exclusive allocation of this significant international coin. Once our stock is gone however, the coin will no longer be available to British collectors.

Over 100 years of heritage

With a heritage dating back well over 100 years and a history that is intrinsically linked to our very own Royal Mint, the Perth Mint it regarded now as one of the great established mints of the world. Originally created as a branch mint of the British Royal Mint with the singular purpose of producing Gold Sovereigns at the turn of the 20th Century, the modern Perth Mint is now the primary source of Australia commemorative coins.

Central to the coins issued by the Perth Mint is the magnificent annual gold Kangaroos – which includes the Quarter Ounce 24 Carat Gold Proof Coin in 2019. Limited to just 500 pieces worldwide and struck to an immaculate proof finish, the coin is housed within an Official Presentation Case with numbered Certificate of Authenticity and features an iconic kangaroo design – with the reverse design also featuring the Perth Mint mintmark.  Order yours today.

Key Issue Information:

  • Introducing the new 2019 Gold Proof Kangaroo from Australia
  • The Kangaroo is the flagship coin of the Perth Mint in Australia
  • The Quarter Ounce version of the coin has been struck in 24 Carat Gold – purer than the UK Sovereign or the Krugerrand – to an immaculate proof finish
  • Limited to just 500 individual pieces worldwide – 19 times smaller edition limit than the UK Sovereign
  • Housed within official Perth Mint Presentation Case with numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Metal: 999.9/1000 Fine Gold

Year of issue: 2019

Edition limit: 500

Diameter: 20.60mm

Weight: 7.777g

Finish: Proof

Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II

Reverse: Kangaroo design

Country of issue: Australia


Delivery via Royal Mail

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

Delivery available throughout the United Kingdom


Availability: In stock

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