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2019 United Kingdom Gold Uncirculated Sovereign

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Secure the brand new 2019 UK Gold Sovereign today for just £319

It is with much excitement that The Royal Mint has announced the release of the brand new 2019 United Kingdom Gold Sovereign - the most famous and historic gold coin in the world.

Struck in 22 Carat Gold, the coin dates back over 500 years. The combination of precious metal content along with real long-term numismatic significance has made the Sovereign one of the most popular ways that you can own gold.

Once again the new year coin features the iconic St George & the Dragon depiction that has appeared on almost all United Kingdom Sovereign releases for well over a century and that is recognisable throughout world.


The even better news for collectors is that the 2019 UK Gold Sovereign is available VAT-Free and does not attract any Capital Gains Tax.

Harrington & Byrne is pleased to be able to offer the new 2019 UK Gold Sovereign for just £319 POST FREE. However, due to the constant fluctuations in the market that means there is a real potential for sharp increases in price, we can only guarantee this price for 7 days.

To place your reservation today simply click on link below.

Key Issue Information:

  • Brand new year Gold Sovereign - the most famous coin in the world
  • Struck in 22 Carat Gold by the Royal Mint
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • VAT and CGT free
  • Price Guaranteed for next 7 Days Only

Max 3 Sovereigns per household


Metal:  22 Carat Gold

Year of issue:  2019

Country of Issue:  United Kingdom

Diameter:  22.05mm

Weight:  7.98g

Finish:  Uncirculated

Obverse:  Queen Elizabeth II

Reverse:  St George & the Dragon


Delivery via Royal Mail

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-10 Working Days

Delivery available throughout the United Kingdom


Availability: In stock

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